Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - Sindhi

I told GOD:                    Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever...! 

GOD said:                     4 days only....! 

I said:                           OK! let them be SO ON a Spring DayA Summer Day, AN Autumn Day, and  A Winter Day. 

GOD said:                    NOOOOOOOOOOO  3 days.. 

I said:                           OK! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

GOD said:                    NOOOOOOOOOOO, THEN 2 days! 

I said:                           OK! a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time). 

GOD said:                    NoOOOOOOOOOOOO  just 1 day! 

I said:                          Yes! OK!

GOD asked:               Which day? 

I said:                          Every Day in the living years of all my friends!  

GOD laughed, and said: You Sindhis know how to negotiate. But since you are praying and asking happiness for your friends, I can't refuse.  I love everyone who thinks of others first, so don't you worry...All your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day! 


(¨`·.·´¨) Always

Sunday, December 6, 2009

health 25

Team- A simple message to all of  us 

Who are they? ----- They are Doctors   

Who is he? ------ He is an Actor   

Who are these people? They are farmers.....


Fine.. Very Good. What about  these guys? Who are they? Guess!!!!   

Any Guess!!!!!!!!!!!!   


Don't lauugh. Be Aware. It is a global  issue now. So, take care of yourself and your FAT.   

To get to a good shape...try to adhere  to the following 25 tips


Remember, exercise is only one link to a complete programme of well-being. Mental, spiritual and psychological "workouts" are just as important. 
Your body will repay you! The only thing left is to just do it... safely.   

Pl. do take care of yourself & ur family because life is "VERY PRECIOUS".


Wish you healthy and wealthy life


(¨`·.·´¨) Always

Saturday, December 5, 2009

!! More happiness !!

Yesterday, I was driving, and the FM radio went off for few seconds. I thought, I should have an iPod. Then suddenly I realized that I have not used my iPod in last 6 months. And thenmore things, Handy cam in last 2 years, Digital Camera in last 2 months, DVD player in last 1 month and many more. Now I can say that I bought that Handy cam just out of impulse, I have used it twice only in last 4 years.

So, whats wrong and where? When I look at myself or my friends I can see it everywhere.We are not happy with what we have but all are stressed and not happy for the things we don
't have. You have a Santro, but you want City You have a City, but you want Skoda. Just after buying a new phone, we need another one. Better laptop, bigger TV, faster car, bigger house, more money .I mean, these examples are endless. The point is, does it actually worth? Do we ever think if we actually need those things before we want them?

After this, I was forced to think what I need and what I don
't. May be I didn't need this Handy cam or the iPod or that DVD player. When I see my father back at home. He has a simple BPL color tv, he doesn't need 32Sony LCD wall mount. He has a cellphone worth Rs 2,500. Whenever I ask him to change the phone, he always says "Its a phone, I need this just for calls." And believe me; he is much happier in life than me with those limited resources and simple gadgets. The very basic reason why he is happy with so little is that he doesn't want things in life to make it luxurious, but he wants only those things which are making his life easier.It's a very fine line between these two, but after looking my father's life style closely, I got the point. He needs a cell phone but! not the iPhone. He needs a TV but not the 32plasma. He needs a car but not an expensive one.

Initially I had lot of questions.

I am earning good, still I am not happy...why ?

I have all luxuries, still I am stressed........... why ?

I had a great weekend, still I am feeling tired...... why?

I met lot of people, I thought over it again and again, I still don't know if I got the answers, but certainly figured out few things. I realize that one thing which is keeping me stressed is the"stay connected" syndrome. I realized that, at home also I am logged in on messengers, checking mails, using social networks, and on the top of that, the windows mobile is not letting me disconnected. On the weekend itself, trying to avoid unwanted calls and that is keeping my mind always full of stress. I realized that I am spending far lesser money than what I earn, even then I am always worried about money and more money. I realized that I am saving enough money I would ever need, whenever needed. Still I am stressed about job and salary and spends.

May be, many people will call this approach "not progressive attitude", but I want my life back.Ultimately it's a single life, a day gone is a day gone. I believe if I am not happy tonight, I'll never be happy tomorrow morning. I finally realized that meeting friends, spending quality time with your loved one's; spending time with yourself is the most important thing. If on Sunday you are alone and you don't have anybody to talk with, then all that luxuries life, all that money is wasted. May be cutting down your requirements, re-calculating your future goal in the light of today's happiness is a worthwhile thing to do. May be selling off your Santro and buying Honda City on EMIs is not a good idea. I believe putting your happiness ahead of money is the choice we need to make.

I think, a lot can be said and done but what we need the most is re-evaluation of the value of happiness and time we are giving to our life and people associate with it.

This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly.  Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life HAPPY.

(¨`·.·´¨) Always

Monday, November 23, 2009

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


"Rivers do not drink their own water, nor do tree eat their own fruit, nor do rain clouds eat the grains reared by them. 
The wealth of the noble is used solely for the benefit of others." 
Even after accepting that giving is good and that one must learn to give, several questions need to be answered. 
The first question is 
'When should one give?'

Yudhisthir asks a beggar seeking alms to come the next day. On this, Bhim rejoices, that Yudhisthir his brother, has conquered death! For he is sure that he will be around tomorrow to give. Yudhisthir gets the message. One does not know really whether one will be there tomorrow to give! The best time to give, therefore, is NOW. 
The next question is
 'How much to give?'

One recalls the famous incident from history. Rana Pratap was reeling after defeat from the Moghals. He had lost his army, he had lost his wealth,  and most important he had lost hope, his will to fight. At that time in his darkest hour, his erstwhile minister Bhamasha came seeking him and placed his entire fortune at the disposal of Rana Pratap. With this, Rana Pratap raised an army and lived to fight another day. The answer to this question how much to give is 
"Give as much as you can !"

The next question is 
'What to give?'

It is not only money that can be given. It could be a flower or even a smile. It is not how much one gives but how one gives that really matters. When you give a smile to a stranger that may be the only good thing received by him in days and weeks! "You can give anything but you must give with your hear
One also needs answer to this question 
'Whom to give?'

Many times we avoid giving by finding fault with the person who is seeking. However, being judgmental and rejecting a person on the presumption that he may not be the most deserving is not justified. "Give without being judgmental !" 
Next we have to answer 
'How to give?'

Coming to the manner of giving, one has to ensure that the receiver does not feel humiliated, nor the giver feels proud by giving.  
'Let not your left hand know what your right hand gives? Charity without publicity and fanfare, is the highest form of charity. 

"Give quietly !" 
While giving let not the recipient feel small or humiliated. After all what we give never really belonged to us. We come to this world with nothing and will go with nothing. The thing gifted was only with us for a temporary period. Why then take pride in giving away something which really did not belong to us?
"Give with grace and with a feeling of gratitude." 
What should one feel after giving ?

We all know the story of Eklavya. When Dronacharya asked him for his right thumb as "Guru Dakshina", he unhesitatingly cut off the thumb and gave it to Dronacharya. There is a little know sequel to this story. When Eklavya was dying, he was asked whether he ever regretted the act of giving away his thumb. His reply was "Yes, I regretted this only once in my life. It was when Pandhavas were coming in to kill Dronacharya who was broken hearted on the false news of death of his son, Ashwathama, and had stopped fighting. It was then that I regretted the loss of my thumb. If the thumb was there, no one could have dared to hurt my Guru." 
The message is clear "Give and never regret giving !" 
And the last question is 'How much should we provide for our heirs?' Ask yourself, 'Are we taking away from them the "gift of work" - a source of happiness!' 
The answer is given by Warren Buffett: "Leave your kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing!" 
Let us learn the Art of Giving, and quoting Sant Kabir: 
"When the wealth in the house increases, When water fills a boat, Throw them out with both hands !"

This is the wise thing to do! 

(¨`·.·´¨) Always