Friday, April 9, 2010

Lesson from RATAN TATA

    Mr. Ratan Tata and the flat tyre
One of Mr. Ratan N Tata's first assignments was the stewardship of
the ailing electronics company in the Tata portfolio - Nelco.
Story goes that a team of senior managers from Nelco was driving to Nasik
along with RNT. Halfway into the journey, the car had a flat tyre, and as the
driver pulled up, the occupants - including Mr. Tata - got off for a comfort break,
leaving the driver to replace the tyre.
Some of the managers welcomed the forced break, as it allowed them a much-needed
chance to light up a cigarette. Some used the opportunity to stretch, and smile, and
share a joke. And then, one of them suddenly noticed that Mr. Tata was not to be seen,
and wondered aloud where Ratan Tata might have vanished.
·       Was he behind some bush?
·       Had he wandered off inside the roadside dhaba for a quick cup of tea?
·       Or was he mingling with some passer-bys, listening to their stories?
None of these, in fact while his colleagues were taking a break, Ratan Tata was busy
helping the driver change tyres. Sleeves rolled up, tie swatted away over the shoulder,
the hands expertly working the jack and the spanner, bouncing the spare tyre to check
if the tyre pressure was ok. Droplets of sweat on the brow, and a smile on the face.
In that moment, the managers accompanying Ratan Tata got a master class in
leadership they haven't forgotten.
And that's a moment that the driver of that car probably hasn't forgotten either.  
Questions to ask:
When was the last time I rolled up my sleeves to do a task much below my hierarchy?
Do I wait for the big opportunity to showcase my leadership?
Is that big opportunity ever going to come?
Am I trying to manage upwards so much that I've lost the feel of the field?
Ideas for action:
·       Humility is the essence of success.  Be humble and even teach your children to be so.
·       To reach the top and remain there, always start from the bottom, else your days at the top will not last long..
·       Practice leadership in small things instead of waiting for the big crisis or a major product launch.
·       Seek to find opportunities to lead in everyday moments.
·       Build your leadership skills one baby step at a time.
·       Good day!!
"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Aarz kiya hai.

Arz kiya hai

Jeevan me kamyab hone ke liye 3 factory lagao!!!!
1) Dimag me Ice factory.
2) Zuban par Sugar factory.
3) Dil me Love factory. Phir life hogi satisfactory
Ek din Sagar ne Nadi se pucha:
Kab tak milati rahogi mujhe khare pani se ???
Nadi ne haskar kaha :
Jab tak tujh me mithas na aa jaye tab tak !!!
Dostana andaaz mein Mujh se kisi ne pucha,
Tum sabko email bhejhte ho ? Tumhe kya milta hai ?
Maine hass kar kaha, Dena Lena to Vyaapar hai,
Jo dekar kuch na mange, Wo hi to PYAR hai.
1 tree makes 1 Lakh matchsticks.
But 1 matchstick can burn 1 Lakh trees.
Similarly 1 negative thought or doubt can burn thousands of
dreams....Be Positive Always !!!
Chehre ki hasi se har gam chupao,
Bahut kuch bolo par kuch na batao...
Khud na rutho kabhi, par sabko manao
Ye Raz hai Zindagi ka, Bas Jite chale jao