Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tips to happy life

"Tips 4 Hapy life"

1.Walk for 10-30 min daily.

2.Sit quitely 4 atleast 10 min daily in isolation.

3.Try 2 make at least 3 ppl laugh daily.

4.Live with the 3 'E's (Energy,Enthusiasm n Empathy).

5.Drink green tea n plenty of water.

6.Read more books than last year.

7.Life is 2 short 2 waste time hating someone.

8.Appreciate your body and its marvels.

9.Eat Breakfast like king,lunch like a prince & dinnr like begger.

10.Smile and laugh more often.

11.Dont let an opportunity to hug a freind.

12.Make peace with your past,so as not 2 ruin ur present.

13.Dont compare your life with others. you have no idea of the highways they have travelled

He who obatains has little,he who scatters has much – Ralph Entersson

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